Gil is like the sea. Working with Gil on mindfulness meditation makes you feel like you are part of the sea of change, and transformation –when before, you used to feel like you could only observe from the shore.

Gil’s warmth, compassion, heart, and mind envelop you during his guided meditation sessions-and connect you to others, your self, and selves you don’t yet know. Give it a try, Gil is there with you.

Highly informative and compassionate person who happens to be a meditation guide. He offers you the space, time, and non-judgmental support you need to feel comfy and nurtured while trying meditation for the first time. I can’t thank Gil enough for sharing his gift.
— Caroline L.

Gil has been a constant in my life, someone who I’ve asked some pretty deep questions. Gil is present, with a quiet force that radiates from a place of strength. I can think of no other person who has done more for me to be mindful and explore meditation. A true healer.
— Christopher W.

Gil brought mindfulness & mediation practice into my life at a time when I needed it most. Gil has blessed me with his friendship and wisdom over the years.

Last fall, when I sat with him in his guided mediation series, his loving encouragement, realness and wisdom allowed me to create the space within to develop my own practice. This helped me to begin the work of cultivating a loving compassion for myself and others.

Working through depression and anxiety, this has been a truly transformative process and I am so greatful for the opportunity to sit and learn with Gil. I only hope others can have this chance. It has been truly life changing for me.
— Kelly R.


cover page art: 
detail of allegory of machismo displaced.  oil on canvas.  gil corral 2008
detail of lunar moth.  mixed media. gil corral 2016