Gil Corral is an Artist, Meditation Practitioner, Meditation Facilitator and Certifiable Human Being.    

Born and raised in the Southwest United States he now lives with his wife and daughter (and dog and rabbit) in southern Maine.  He received his BFA from the University of New Mexico and Mindfulness Meditation Guide Certification from the Engaged Mindfulness Institute.   

Currently Gil offers one on one and group mindfulness meditation guidance in his studio, online and in community meeting venues.  He is experienced in education, working with at risk youth populations.   After spending many years deepening his personal practice and witness to the transformative properties of mindful meditation, he is inspired to offer meditation guidance and be of service in the cause of reducing suffering for anyone interested in exploring their path.  

Gil is the director and founder of Hogfarm Studios in Biddeford, Maine, where he works, teaches and guides.   Additionally, the Hogfarm is an active gallery space and hosts community and music events.  His art work is in private collections nationally and internationally. 

You may not control all of the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.
— Maya Angelou


Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator, Engaged Mindfulness Institute.  

studied with:
Fleet Maull, founder Prison Mindfulness Institute and director Engaged Mindfulness Institute.

-Bhikkhu Analayo and Jon Kabat Zinn -- Mindfully Facing Disease, Death, Stress, and Illness Retreat
-Sharon Salsburg, Loving Kindness/Meta Retreat
-George Mumford . Meditation for People of Color
-Jon Kabat Zinn . Cambridge weekend retreat
-Ajahn Punnadhammo -Ayyā Medhānandī Bhikkhunī - Monastic Retreat
-Fleet Maull/Engaged Mindfulness retreats
et al.


extensive reading, actively studying:
Thich Nhat Hanh
Pema Chödrön
John Kabbat Zinn
Jack Kornfield
Sakyong Mipham
Joseph Marshall

Our thoughts are always happening. While we can’t stop the thoughts themselves, we can develop the awareness to not cling to them. To recognize and acknowledge this awareness, with its spacious, peaceful quality, is to find a very useful resource within.
— Ram Dass

cover page art: 
detail of allegory of machismo displaced.  oil on canvas.  gil corral 2008
detail of lunar moth.  mixed media. gil corral 2016