When we relinquish trying to get somewhere, we naturally start to arrive fully where we are.
— Adyashanti

I facilitate and guide mindfulness meditation and present moment awareness sessions — working with techniques developed to promote positive personal benefits of mindfulness and meditation.  Sessions will focus on the individual experience and techniques taught are positive tools for coping, stress management, and general well being.  Please check the Services section for further detail and guidance.

Right now it is this, and it is not that.
At times, one would prefer it’d be that.
But right now it is this.
’It’ is always changing.
— Gil Corral

The depth of this moment is always available to you.  Your seat at the table is waiting.



cover page art:  
detail of allegory of machismo displaced.  oil on canvas.  gil corral 2008
detail of lunar moth.  mixed media. gil corral 2016