Gil Corral

Mindfulness Guide . Facilitator

When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself.
— Eckhart Tolle

I facilitate and guide mindfulness mediation and present moment awareness sessions and discussions — working with techniques developed to promote positive personal benefits of mindfulness and meditation.  Sessions will focus on the individual experience and techniques taught will positive tools for coping, stress management and general well being.

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one on one sessions scheduled in our studio, weekly, bi-weekly,  monthly, or as needed.  

first/introductory 20 minute session at no cost.  please contact for rate information.


groups of three or more, in our studio or considered at your location, local to southern maine, on a case by case basis.

first/introductory 20 minute session in our studio at no cost.  please contact for rate information.

virtual counseling . guidance

individual or up to three people group sessions via online services.  ZOOM is our preferred format, skype or facetime available.  Client/s will need an online device with video and audio capabilities. 

first/introductory 20 minute session in our studio at no cost.  please contact for rate information.


school groups, corporate/business groups, non profits, public/private school educators, et al.  I will come to your location and lead group sessions tailored to your organization's needs.


mindfulness movement

examples include:

  • ten mindfulness movements

  • basic yoga

  • walking meditation

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Gil Corral

PO Box 277
Biddeford Pool, ME 04006


It’s easy to feel that something bad will happen if we don’t maintain our habitual vigilance by thinking, judging and planning. Yet this is the very habit that keeps us trapped in resisting life. Only when we realize we can’t hold on to anything can we begin to relax our efforts to control our experience.
— Tara Brach


cover page art:  
detail of allegory of machismo displaced.  oil on canvas.  gil corral 2008
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